Qwt User's Guide  6.1.3
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CQwtAbstractLegendAbstract base class for legend widgets
 CQwtAbstractScaleAn abstract base class for widgets having a scale
 CQwtAbstractScaleDrawA abstract base class for drawing scales
 CQwtAbstractSeriesStoreBridge between QwtSeriesStore and QwtPlotSeriesItem
 CQwtAbstractSliderAn abstract base class for slider widgets with a scale
 CQwtAlphaColorMapQwtAlphaColorMap varies the alpha value of a color
 CQwtAnalogClockAn analog clock
 CQwtArraySeriesDataTemplate class for data, that is organized as QVector
 CQwtArrowButtonArrow Button
 CQwtClipperSome clipping algorithms
 CQwtColorMapQwtColorMap is used to map values into colors
 CQwtColumnRectDirected rectangle representing bounding rectangle and orientation of a column
 CQwtColumnSymbolA drawing primitive for columns
 CQwtCompassA Compass Widget
 CQwtCompassMagnetNeedleA magnet needle for compass widgets
 CQwtCompassRoseAbstract base class for a compass rose
 CQwtCompassScaleDrawA special scale draw made for QwtCompass
 CQwtCompassWindArrowAn indicator for the wind direction
 CQwtCounterThe Counter Widget
 CQwtCPointerDataData class containing two pointers to memory blocks of doubles
 CQwtCurveFitterAbstract base class for a curve fitter
 CQwtDateA collection of methods around date/time values
 CQwtDateScaleDrawA class for drawing datetime scales
 CQwtDateScaleEngineA scale engine for date/time values
 CQwtDialQwtDial class provides a rounded range control
 CQwtDialNeedleBase class for needles that can be used in a QwtDial
 CQwtDialSimpleNeedleA needle for dial widgets
 CQwtDynGridLayoutLays out widgets in a grid, adjusting the number of columns and rows to the current size
 CQwtEventPatternA collection of event patterns
 CQwtGraphicA paint device for scalable graphics
 CQwtIntervalA class representing an interval
 CQwtIntervalSampleA sample of the types (x1-x2, y) or (x, y1-y2)
 CQwtIntervalSeriesDataInterface for iterating over an array of intervals
 CQwtIntervalSymbolA drawing primitive for displaying an interval like an error bar
 CQwtKnobThe Knob Widget
 CQwtLegendThe legend widget
 CQwtLegendDataAttributes of an entry on a legend
 CQwtLegendLabelA widget representing something on a QwtLegend
 CQwtLinearColorMapQwtLinearColorMap builds a color map from color stops
 CQwtLinearScaleEngineA scale engine for linear scales
 CQwtLogScaleEngineA scale engine for logarithmic scales
 CQwtLogTransformLogarithmic transformation
 CQwtMagnifierQwtMagnifier provides zooming, by magnifying in steps
 CQwtMathMLTextEngineText Engine for the MathML renderer of the Qt solutions package
 CQwtMatrixRasterDataA class representing a matrix of values as raster data
 CQwtNullPaintDeviceA null paint device doing nothing
 CQwtNullTransformNull transformation
 CQwtOHLCSampleOpen-High-Low-Close sample used in financial charts
 CQwtPainterA collection of QPainter workarounds
 CQwtPannerQwtPanner provides panning of a widget
 CQwtPickerQwtPicker provides selections on a widget
 CQwtPickerClickPointMachineA state machine for point selections
 CQwtPickerClickRectMachineA state machine for rectangle selections
 CQwtPickerDragLineMachineA state machine for line selections
 CQwtPickerDragPointMachineA state machine for point selections
 CQwtPickerDragRectMachineA state machine for rectangle selections
 CQwtPickerMachineA state machine for QwtPicker selections
 CQwtPickerPolygonMachineA state machine for polygon selections
 CQwtPickerTrackerMachineA state machine for indicating mouse movements
 CQwtPixelMatrixA bit field corresponding to the pixels of a rectangle
 CQwtPlainTextEngineA text engine for plain texts
 CQwtPlotA 2-D plotting widget
 CQwtPlotAbstractBarChartAbstract base class for bar chart items
 CQwtPlotBarChartQwtPlotBarChart displays a series of a values as bars
 CQwtPlotCanvasCanvas of a QwtPlot
 CQwtPlotCurveA plot item, that represents a series of points
 CQwtPlotDictA dictionary for plot items
 CQwtPlotDirectPainterPainter object trying to paint incrementally
 CQwtPlotGLCanvasAn alternative canvas for a QwtPlot derived from QGLWidget
 CQwtPlotGridA class which draws a coordinate grid
 CQwtPlotHistogramQwtPlotHistogram represents a series of samples, where an interval is associated with a value ( $y = f([x1,x2])$ )
 CQwtPlotIntervalCurveQwtPlotIntervalCurve represents a series of samples, where each value is associated with an interval ( $[y1,y2] = f(x)$ )
 CQwtPlotItemBase class for items on the plot canvas
 CQwtPlotLayoutLayout engine for QwtPlot
 CQwtPlotLegendItemA class which draws a legend inside the plot canvas
 CQwtPlotMagnifierQwtPlotMagnifier provides zooming, by magnifying in steps
 CQwtPlotMarkerA class for drawing markers
 CQwtPlotMultiBarChartQwtPlotMultiBarChart displays a series of a samples that consist each of a set of values
 CQwtPlotPannerQwtPlotPanner provides panning of a plot canvas
 CQwtPlotPickerQwtPlotPicker provides selections on a plot canvas
 CQwtPlotRasterItemA class, which displays raster data
 CQwtPlotRendererRenderer for exporting a plot to a document, a printer or anything else, that is supported by QPainter/QPaintDevice
 CQwtPlotRescalerQwtPlotRescaler takes care of fixed aspect ratios for plot scales
 CQwtPlotScaleItemA class which draws a scale inside the plot canvas
 CQwtPlotSeriesItemBase class for plot items representing a series of samples
 CQwtPlotShapeItemA plot item, which displays any graphical shape, that can be defined by a QPainterPath
 CQwtPlotSpectroCurveCurve that displays 3D points as dots, where the z coordinate is mapped to a color
 CQwtPlotSpectrogramA plot item, which displays a spectrogram
 CQwtPlotSvgItemA plot item, which displays data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format
 CQwtPlotTextLabelA plot item, which displays a text label
 CQwtPlotTradingCurveQwtPlotTradingCurve illustrates movements in the price of a financial instrument over time
 CQwtPlotZoneItemA plot item, which displays a zone
 CQwtPlotZoomerQwtPlotZoomer provides stacked zooming for a plot widget
 CQwtPoint3DQwtPoint3D class defines a 3D point in double coordinates
 CQwtPoint3DSeriesDataInterface for iterating over an array of 3D points
 CQwtPointArrayDataInterface for iterating over two QVector<double> objects
 CQwtPointMapperA helper class for translating a series of points
 CQwtPointPolarA point in polar coordinates
 CQwtPointSeriesDataInterface for iterating over an array of points
 CQwtPowerTransformA transformation using pow()
 CQwtRasterDataQwtRasterData defines an interface to any type of raster data
 CQwtRichTextEngineA text engine for Qt rich texts
 CQwtRoundScaleDrawA class for drawing round scales
 CQwtSamplingThreadA thread collecting samples at regular intervals
 CQwtScaleArithmeticArithmetic including a tolerance
 CQwtScaleDivA class representing a scale division
 CQwtScaleDrawA class for drawing scales
 CQwtScaleEngineBase class for scale engines
 CQwtScaleMapA scale map
 CQwtScaleWidgetA Widget which contains a scale
 CQwtSeriesDataAbstract interface for iterating over samples
 CQwtSeriesStoreClass storing a QwtSeriesData object
 CQwtSetSampleA sample of the types (x1...xn, y) or (x, y1..yn)
 CQwtSetSeriesDataInterface for iterating over an array of samples
 CQwtSimpleCompassRoseA simple rose for QwtCompass
 CQwtSliderThe Slider Widget
 CQwtSplineA class for spline interpolation
 CQwtSplineCurveFitterA curve fitter using cubic splines
 CQwtSymbolA class for drawing symbols
 CQwtSyntheticPointDataSynthetic point data
 CQwtSystemClockQwtSystemClock provides high resolution clock time functions
 CQwtTextA class representing a text
 CQwtTextEngineAbstract base class for rendering text strings
 CQwtTextLabelA Widget which displays a QwtText
 CQwtThermoThe Thermometer Widget
 CQwtTransformA transformation between coordinate systems
 CQwtWeedingCurveFitterA curve fitter implementing Douglas and Peucker algorithm
 CQwtWheelThe Wheel Widget
 CQwtWidgetOverlayAn overlay for a widget