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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oCQwtAbstractLegendAbstract base class for legend widgets
oCQwtAbstractScaleAn abstract base class for widgets having a scale
oCQwtAbstractScaleDrawA abstract base class for drawing scales
oCQwtAbstractSeriesStoreBridge between QwtSeriesStore and QwtPlotSeriesItem
oCQwtAbstractSliderAn abstract base class for slider widgets with a scale
oCQwtAlphaColorMapQwtAlphaColorMap varies the alpha value of a color
oCQwtAnalogClockAn analog clock
oCQwtArraySeriesDataTemplate class for data, that is organized as QVector
oCQwtArrowButtonArrow Button
oCQwtClipperSome clipping algorithms
oCQwtColorMapQwtColorMap is used to map values into colors
oCQwtColumnRectDirected rectangle representing bounding rectangle and orientation of a column
oCQwtColumnSymbolA drawing primitive for columns
oCQwtCompassA Compass Widget
oCQwtCompassMagnetNeedleA magnet needle for compass widgets
oCQwtCompassRoseAbstract base class for a compass rose
oCQwtCompassScaleDrawA special scale draw made for QwtCompass
oCQwtCompassWindArrowAn indicator for the wind direction
oCQwtCounterThe Counter Widget
oCQwtCPointerDataData class containing two pointers to memory blocks of doubles
oCQwtCurveFitterAbstract base class for a curve fitter
oCQwtDateA collection of methods around date/time values
oCQwtDateScaleDrawA class for drawing datetime scales
oCQwtDateScaleEngineA scale engine for date/time values
oCQwtDialQwtDial class provides a rounded range control
oCQwtDialNeedleBase class for needles that can be used in a QwtDial
oCQwtDialSimpleNeedleA needle for dial widgets
oCQwtDynGridLayoutLays out widgets in a grid, adjusting the number of columns and rows to the current size
oCQwtEventPatternA collection of event patterns
oCQwtGraphicA paint device for scalable graphics
oCQwtIntervalA class representing an interval
oCQwtIntervalSampleA sample of the types (x1-x2, y) or (x, y1-y2)
oCQwtIntervalSeriesDataInterface for iterating over an array of intervals
oCQwtIntervalSymbolA drawing primitive for displaying an interval like an error bar
oCQwtKnobThe Knob Widget
oCQwtLegendThe legend widget
oCQwtLegendDataAttributes of an entry on a legend
oCQwtLegendLabelA widget representing something on a QwtLegend
oCQwtLinearColorMapQwtLinearColorMap builds a color map from color stops
oCQwtLinearScaleEngineA scale engine for linear scales
oCQwtLogScaleEngineA scale engine for logarithmic scales
oCQwtLogTransformLogarithmic transformation
oCQwtMagnifierQwtMagnifier provides zooming, by magnifying in steps
oCQwtMathMLTextEngineText Engine for the MathML renderer of the Qt solutions package
oCQwtMatrixRasterDataA class representing a matrix of values as raster data
oCQwtNullPaintDeviceA null paint device doing nothing
oCQwtNullTransformNull transformation
oCQwtOHLCSampleOpen-High-Low-Close sample used in financial charts
oCQwtPainterA collection of QPainter workarounds
oCQwtPannerQwtPanner provides panning of a widget
oCQwtPickerQwtPicker provides selections on a widget
oCQwtPickerClickPointMachineA state machine for point selections
oCQwtPickerClickRectMachineA state machine for rectangle selections
oCQwtPickerDragLineMachineA state machine for line selections
oCQwtPickerDragPointMachineA state machine for point selections
oCQwtPickerDragRectMachineA state machine for rectangle selections
oCQwtPickerMachineA state machine for QwtPicker selections
oCQwtPickerPolygonMachineA state machine for polygon selections
oCQwtPickerTrackerMachineA state machine for indicating mouse movements
oCQwtPixelMatrixA bit field corresponding to the pixels of a rectangle
oCQwtPlainTextEngineA text engine for plain texts
oCQwtPlotA 2-D plotting widget
oCQwtPlotAbstractBarChartAbstract base class for bar chart items
oCQwtPlotBarChartQwtPlotBarChart displays a series of a values as bars
oCQwtPlotCanvasCanvas of a QwtPlot
oCQwtPlotCurveA plot item, that represents a series of points
oCQwtPlotDictA dictionary for plot items
oCQwtPlotDirectPainterPainter object trying to paint incrementally
oCQwtPlotGLCanvasAn alternative canvas for a QwtPlot derived from QGLWidget
oCQwtPlotGridA class which draws a coordinate grid
oCQwtPlotHistogramQwtPlotHistogram represents a series of samples, where an interval is associated with a value ( $y = f([x1,x2])$ )
oCQwtPlotIntervalCurveQwtPlotIntervalCurve represents a series of samples, where each value is associated with an interval ( $[y1,y2] = f(x)$ )
oCQwtPlotItemBase class for items on the plot canvas
oCQwtPlotLayoutLayout engine for QwtPlot
oCQwtPlotLegendItemA class which draws a legend inside the plot canvas
oCQwtPlotMagnifierQwtPlotMagnifier provides zooming, by magnifying in steps
oCQwtPlotMarkerA class for drawing markers
oCQwtPlotMultiBarChartQwtPlotMultiBarChart displays a series of a samples that consist each of a set of values
oCQwtPlotPannerQwtPlotPanner provides panning of a plot canvas
oCQwtPlotPickerQwtPlotPicker provides selections on a plot canvas
oCQwtPlotRasterItemA class, which displays raster data
oCQwtPlotRendererRenderer for exporting a plot to a document, a printer or anything else, that is supported by QPainter/QPaintDevice
oCQwtPlotRescalerQwtPlotRescaler takes care of fixed aspect ratios for plot scales
oCQwtPlotScaleItemA class which draws a scale inside the plot canvas
oCQwtPlotSeriesItemBase class for plot items representing a series of samples
oCQwtPlotShapeItemA plot item, which displays any graphical shape, that can be defined by a QPainterPath
oCQwtPlotSpectroCurveCurve that displays 3D points as dots, where the z coordinate is mapped to a color
oCQwtPlotSpectrogramA plot item, which displays a spectrogram
oCQwtPlotSvgItemA plot item, which displays data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format
oCQwtPlotTextLabelA plot item, which displays a text label
oCQwtPlotTradingCurveQwtPlotTradingCurve illustrates movements in the price of a financial instrument over time
oCQwtPlotZoneItemA plot item, which displays a zone
oCQwtPlotZoomerQwtPlotZoomer provides stacked zooming for a plot widget
oCQwtPoint3DQwtPoint3D class defines a 3D point in double coordinates
oCQwtPoint3DSeriesDataInterface for iterating over an array of 3D points
oCQwtPointArrayDataInterface for iterating over two QVector<double> objects
oCQwtPointMapperA helper class for translating a series of points
oCQwtPointPolarA point in polar coordinates
oCQwtPointSeriesDataInterface for iterating over an array of points
oCQwtPowerTransformA transformation using pow()
oCQwtRasterDataQwtRasterData defines an interface to any type of raster data
oCQwtRichTextEngineA text engine for Qt rich texts
oCQwtRoundScaleDrawA class for drawing round scales
oCQwtSamplingThreadA thread collecting samples at regular intervals
oCQwtScaleArithmeticArithmetic including a tolerance
oCQwtScaleDivA class representing a scale division
oCQwtScaleDrawA class for drawing scales
oCQwtScaleEngineBase class for scale engines
oCQwtScaleMapA scale map
oCQwtScaleWidgetA Widget which contains a scale
oCQwtSeriesDataAbstract interface for iterating over samples
oCQwtSeriesStoreClass storing a QwtSeriesData object
oCQwtSetSampleA sample of the types (x1...xn, y) or (x, y1..yn)
oCQwtSetSeriesDataInterface for iterating over an array of samples
oCQwtSimpleCompassRoseA simple rose for QwtCompass
oCQwtSliderThe Slider Widget
oCQwtSplineA class for spline interpolation
oCQwtSplineCurveFitterA curve fitter using cubic splines
oCQwtSymbolA class for drawing symbols
oCQwtSyntheticPointDataSynthetic point data
oCQwtSystemClockQwtSystemClock provides high resolution clock time functions
oCQwtTextA class representing a text
oCQwtTextEngineAbstract base class for rendering text strings
oCQwtTextLabelA Widget which displays a QwtText
oCQwtThermoThe Thermometer Widget
oCQwtTransformA transformation between coordinate systems
oCQwtWeedingCurveFitterA curve fitter implementing Douglas and Peucker algorithm
oCQwtWheelThe Wheel Widget
\CQwtWidgetOverlayAn overlay for a widget