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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCQwtEventPattern::KeyPatternA pattern for key events
oCQwtEventPattern::MousePatternA pattern for mouse events
oCQwtAbstractScaleDrawA abstract base class for drawing scales
oCQwtAbstractSeriesStoreBridge between QwtSeriesStore and QwtPlotSeriesItem
oCQwtClipperSome clipping algorithms
oCQwtColorMapQwtColorMap is used to map values into colors
oCQwtColumnRectDirected rectangle representing bounding rectangle and orientation of a column
oCQwtColumnSymbolA drawing primitive for columns
oCQwtCompassRoseAbstract base class for a compass rose
oCQwtCurveFitterAbstract base class for a curve fitter
oCQwtDateA collection of methods around date/time values
oCQwtDialNeedleBase class for needles that can be used in a QwtDial
oCQwtEventPatternA collection of event patterns
oCQwtIntervalA class representing an interval
oCQwtIntervalSampleA sample of the types (x1-x2, y) or (x, y1-y2)
oCQwtIntervalSymbolA drawing primitive for displaying an interval like an error bar
oCQwtLegendDataAttributes of an entry on a legend
oCQwtOHLCSampleOpen-High-Low-Close sample used in financial charts
oCQwtPainterA collection of QPainter workarounds
oCQwtPickerMachineA state machine for QwtPicker selections
oCQwtPlotDictA dictionary for plot items
oCQwtPlotItemBase class for items on the plot canvas
oCQwtPlotLayoutLayout engine for QwtPlot
oCQwtPoint3DQwtPoint3D class defines a 3D point in double coordinates
oCQwtPointMapperA helper class for translating a series of points
oCQwtPointPolarA point in polar coordinates
oCQwtRasterDataQwtRasterData defines an interface to any type of raster data
oCQwtScaleArithmeticArithmetic including a tolerance
oCQwtScaleDivA class representing a scale division
oCQwtScaleEngineBase class for scale engines
oCQwtScaleMapA scale map
oCQwtSeriesData< T >Abstract interface for iterating over samples
oCQwtSeriesData< QPointF >
oCQwtSeriesData< QwtIntervalSample >
oCQwtSeriesData< QwtOHLCSample >
oCQwtSeriesData< QwtPoint3D >
oCQwtSeriesData< QwtSetSample >
oCQwtSetSampleA sample of the types (x1...xn, y) or (x, y1..yn)
oCQwtSplineA class for spline interpolation
oCQwtSymbolA class for drawing symbols
oCQwtSystemClockQwtSystemClock provides high resolution clock time functions
oCQwtTextA class representing a text
oCQwtTextEngineAbstract base class for rendering text strings
\CQwtTransformA transformation between coordinate systems