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QwtCompassWindArrow Class Reference

An indicator for the wind direction. More...

#include <qwt_dial_needle.h>

Inheritance diagram for QwtCompassWindArrow:
Inheritance graph

Public Types

enum  Style { Style1, Style2 }
 Style of the arrow. More...

Public Member Functions

 QwtCompassWindArrow (Style, const QColor &light=Qt::white, const QColor &dark=Qt::gray)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QwtDialNeedle
 QwtDialNeedle ()
virtual ~QwtDialNeedle ()
virtual void setPalette (const QPalette &)
const QPalette & palette () const
virtual void draw (QPainter *painter, const QPointF &center, double length, double direction, QPalette::ColorGroup=QPalette::Active) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void drawNeedle (QPainter *, double length, QPalette::ColorGroup) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QwtDialNeedle
virtual void drawKnob (QPainter *, double width, const QBrush &, bool sunken) const
 Draw the knob.

Detailed Description

An indicator for the wind direction.

QwtCompassWindArrow shows the direction where the wind comes from.

See Also
QwtDial, QwtCompass

Member Enumeration Documentation

Style of the arrow.


A needle pointing to the center.


A needle pointing to the center.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwtCompassWindArrow::QwtCompassWindArrow ( Style  style,
const QColor &  light = Qt::white,
const QColor &  dark = Qt::gray 


styleArrow style
lightLight color
darkDark color

Member Function Documentation

void QwtCompassWindArrow::drawNeedle ( QPainter *  painter,
double  length,
QPalette::ColorGroup  colorGroup 
) const

Draw the needle

lengthLength of the needle
colorGroupColor group, used for painting

Implements QwtDialNeedle.