Qwt User's Guide  6.1.3
QwtIntervalSeriesData Class Reference

Interface for iterating over an array of intervals. More...

#include <qwt_series_data.h>

Inheritance diagram for QwtIntervalSeriesData:

Public Member Functions

 QwtIntervalSeriesData (const QVector< QwtIntervalSample > &=QVector< QwtIntervalSample >())
virtual QRectF boundingRect () const
 Calculate the bounding rectangle. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from QwtArraySeriesData< QwtIntervalSample >
 QwtArraySeriesData ()
 QwtArraySeriesData (const QVector< QwtIntervalSample > &samples)
void setSamples (const QVector< QwtIntervalSample > &samples)
const QVector< QwtIntervalSamplesamples () const
virtual size_t size () const
virtual QwtIntervalSample sample (size_t index) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QwtSeriesData< QwtIntervalSample >
 QwtSeriesData ()
virtual ~QwtSeriesData ()
virtual void setRectOfInterest (const QRectF &rect)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from QwtArraySeriesData< QwtIntervalSample >
QVector< QwtIntervalSampled_samples
 Vector of samples.
- Protected Attributes inherited from QwtSeriesData< QwtIntervalSample >
QRectF d_boundingRect
 Can be used to cache a calculated bounding rectangle.

Detailed Description

Interface for iterating over an array of intervals.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwtIntervalSeriesData::QwtIntervalSeriesData ( const QVector< QwtIntervalSample > &  samples = QVector<QwtIntervalSample>())



Member Function Documentation

QRectF QwtIntervalSeriesData::boundingRect ( ) const

Calculate the bounding rectangle.

The bounding rectangle is calculated once by iterating over all points and is stored for all following requests.

Bounding rectangle

Implements QwtSeriesData< QwtIntervalSample >.